You Are Peter—A Commentary on Matthew 15-16

There is good news and bad news: after a lot of prayer and holding on to hope, I have finally found full time work! I will be teaching Middle School Religion at a parish school in Detroit! I am really excited to get started. But, being that the school year is rapidly approaching and IContinue reading “You Are Peter—A Commentary on Matthew 15-16”

An Important Lesson from St. Pius X

Tomorrow is the Feast of Pope St. Pius X. Unfortunately, because of his hard stance against a heresy called Modernism (which is a hard thing to categorize—partially the philosophical movement started by figures like Immanuel Kant in the 1700s, partially the rise of the historical critical methods of reading Scripture/history in the late 1800s, andContinue reading “An Important Lesson from St. Pius X”

Concerning Those Who Are Asleep—On the Dormition and the Assumption: Part 2

Last time, we discussed how Mary, in the Dormition and Assumption, stands as an exemplar of patience and hope—that we should learn to imitate her hope and trust in God’s promises. Today, we will see how the Church sets forth Mary’s Dormition and Assumption as an image of how we can approach death, mourning, andContinue reading “Concerning Those Who Are Asleep—On the Dormition and the Assumption: Part 2”

Mother of Hope—On the Dormition and the Assumption: Part 1

Hey everyone! To open up my foray into the blogging world, I decided to focus on the Theotokos, our Mother Mary, the God-Bearer. For more info about the blog, click here. Check back here later for Part 2 and Part 3 of this reflection. And feel free to share or comment! Thanks,-Anthony In the summerContinue reading “Mother of Hope—On the Dormition and the Assumption: Part 1”